1. UPVC Pipes

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    UPVC Pipes Applications

    1.  Water Mains & Potable Water Services
    2. Cold Water Plumbing Services
    3. Fire Ring Mains
    4. Sewage Main-Pumped & Gravity Feed
    5. Drainage Installations-Domestic & Industrial
    6. Factory Supply Lines
    7. Slurry Lines
    8. Effluent lines
    9. Corrosive Fluid Pipe Lines- Dye houses, Chrome & Zinc Plating Plant, etc.
    10. Chemical Plant Installations
    11. Non-Explosive Dry Materials Handlings- Sand, Cement, Rock Salt Plastics Compounds
    12. Pulverized Fuel Ash (DFA) Lines
    13. Brine lines- Tanning Plant, Ice Rinks
    14. Livestock whey Feed Pipes
    15. Paper Mill Installation-Alum & Pulp Carrying
    16. Brewery Pipeline Installation
    17. Coal Washing Plant
    18. Power Station Screening Plant Pipelines
    19. Power Station Chlorination Plant
    20. Fume Extraction Ducts Chilled Waterlines for Refrigeration and Air conditioning Plant
    21. Salt water Pipes for small boat engines Cooling and Ballast Tanks
    22. Water Aeration Plant
    23. Emergency Repairs to damaged pipe lines in all materials
    24. Horticulture and greenhouse Irrigation System
    25. Irrigation for golf courses and sports grounds
    26. Down Pipes for large rain water systems & Farm Buildings, Football stands, etc. Storm Water Culverts
    27. Surface Water Drainage
    28. Sewage Farm Stand-Pipes and filter bed rotor arms
    29. Domestic Appliances, Toys and Games
    30. Ducting for power and communication cables for crossing rivers. Estuaries, Roads, Rallies, Bridges, etc
    31. Threading through Existing unserviceable water mains and Ducts. Trench less pipe laying-Mole Ploughing
    32. Irrigation Farm and range irrigation-system and sprinkler system.



  2. CPVC Pipes

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    CPVC Pipes Applications

    The excellent qualities of CPVC Pipes make them ideal for

    1.   Hot and cold water distribution in residential, industrial and public projects.
    2.   Carrying drinking water and food liquids
    3.   Water and waste water treatment systems
    4.   Transportation of chemical and hot corrosive fluids, which includes a wide variety of inorganic acids, bases used in chemical processing
    5.   Use in industries like metal finishing, plating and treatment, pulp and paper, air pollution control, mining, aerospace, textile, food and              beverage       processing, fine sprinkler piping and municipal projects.
    6.   Use as high tension cable protection pipe for electric net improvement (Large dia. CPVC Pipes).
    7.   Solar heating, central heating and radiant floor heating application
    8.   Installation and Maintenance of CPVC Pipes



  3. PVC Pipes

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    PVC Pipes Applications

    • Agriculture/Irrigation
    • Building Construction
    • Portable Water Supply
    • Chemical Industries
    • Tubewell Casing Etc.
    • Dairy Industries
    • Brewary Industries
    • Effluents Disposal
    • Telecommunication