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  2. Synthetic Retaning Agent

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    BIOTAN – L


     General description:


    BIOTAN –L  has a very good filling action particularly on loose parts of the skin. If used for Suede and Nubuck, it imparts a nice nap and can be dyed to brighter shades



    Appearance :       Clear Viscous liquid

    Colour          :       Light tan

    pH                 :       6 – 8

    Density        :       0.95 – 1.15


    BIOTAN-L  is a retanning agent being suitable for all kinds of leathers .Owing to anionic power, it is compatible towards all tanning, dyes , as well as anionic additives and vegetable tannins.
    BIOTAN-L  improves fluffing, being therefore suitable to be employed to treat Nubuck and velvet leathers.
    BIOTAN-L  is easily soluble in hot and cold water, producing a limpid slightly alkaline solution. Its stability can not be guaranteed in pH lower than 3. Therefore, it is recommended to employ it only after neutralization.


    Retanning of Cow hide wet blue / shoe upper leather:
    150% water 40C°
    3% chrome
    5% FAL run 90 mins . drain. Rinse
    150%water 35C°
    1% sodium formate run 30 mins
    check pH. It should be about 4.5-4.8.drain. wash
    100% water 35C°
    4% BIOTAN-L  run 60 mins

    50% water 60Cº
    1.5% formic acid run 30 mins


    Limitations and Handling:


    Keep the container closed when not in use. The product should not be swallowed and prolonged contact with skin should be avoided. Should it come in Contact with the eyes, flush with clean, cold water and get immediate medical attention.



    Our products are supplied in non-returnable 50 / 100 KG HDPE carboys.

  3. Preservative

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    BIOMAC-DBN-10 (Reverse osmosis- Membrane – Micro biocide / Antifouling)


      Product Specification:


    Appearance  Light yellowish toTan Color
    Assay 20%
    Moisture content <0.5 %
    pH 6-6.5
    Packing 200 kg/100kg HDPE barrels.


    General Description:           

    BIOMAC- DBN-10 is a broad spectrum Bactericide, Algaecide& Slimicide lethal to Iron Oxidizing and Sulfur reducing bacteria, specially designed for economical treatment of Microbial control in RO water systems.




    1. BIOMAC-DBN-10 effectively controls wide ranges of pathogens and slime-forming microorganism in the feed water.
    2. Biodegradable and leaves no residue in the system.




    1-2 kg of BIOMAC-DBN-10 with 5 cu.m water is mixed thoroughly and the same has to be used as RO feed and circulated for 1-2 hrs.  Permeate and reject are to be discarded.  After sterilization – Regular RO – feed water can be lined up.



    Our products are supplied in non-returnable 100kg.HDPE carboys and 200 kg HDPE drums.