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Enhancing efficiency with high-performance power & control systems.

Sicagen offers a wide range of power and control system products and services through a pan-India network.

Our services include mechanical governor services, servicing of actuators, field service, Electronic governing systems and conversion of mechanical governing systems.

Capabilities backed by trained manpower, genuine spares and a Woodward test bench to ensure quality repair and service.
Our sales and service engineers are well trained on marketing and technical aspects to provide customized solutions to customers.


Sales & Services

  • Service of Woodward Governors, Actuators and controls
  • Sale of Governors, Actuators and controls
  • Conversion of mechanical governing system to electronic governing on steam turbines and Diesel engines
  • Field service

Electrical Power System

  • Wide variety of controllers for the synchronization and load share market
  • Products with integrated protection features and communication interfaces to your SCADA (Supervisory Control Logic Control) system for complex load flows, or even protection schemes
  • Run or stop command synchronizes and ensures load share sequencing across Generator, Mains and Tie Breakers
  • SPM-D10 Series
  • SPM-D11 Series
  • SPM-D21 Series
  • SPM-A
  • DSLC-2
  • MSLC-2
  • DSLC
  • MSLC

Safety System

  • NEW IEC61508 SIL-3 certified ProTech® safety and machinery protection platform is designed to meet API specifications
  • Full blanket of protection for your equipment
  • Platform ranges from the simplex version (ProTech-SX) to a full TMR based control that also monitors up to 10 different machinery sensors/devices (ProTech TPS)
  • Security functionality is implemented to meet the markets new Cyber Security requirements

Digital Controls

  • Configurable and programmable digital steam turbine control platforms offer simplex, duplex, and TMR options that incorporate proven software and hardware
  • Largest selection of standard off-the-shelf steam turbine controllers in the market to address today’s cost pressures, without sacrificing performance or reliability
  • Controls are designed for any size industrial steam turbines and require minimum engineering time to configure to a specific application – software has been refined and proven in thousands of applications
  • Fully programmable control platforms allow turbine OEMs and channel partners to create a custom controller with site specific algorithms, logic, and protection functionality as required by the application
  • Using GAP (Graphical Application Programming) environment, control engineers are able to create the required applications utilizing proven algorithms tailored for turbine control and hardware
  • Software flexibility, along with the simulation environment (Netsim), allows users to test and evaluate a wide range of scenarios before installing the software – reducing commissioning time at site, potential for unexpected onsite changes, and safety issues


  • Hydraulic-mechanical governors provide reliable and precise control of engine speed and output in virtually every type of engine application
  • Available in work output ratings from 10.8 inch-pounds up to 500 foot-pounds
  • Used in power generation, marine, pump, compression, and vehicle applications
  • Engine
  • Mechanical Hydraulic Governors
  • Actuators
  • Engine Controls
  • Steam Turbine Mechanical Hydraulic Governors
  • Mechanical Hydraulic Governors
  • Actuators
  • Engine Controls


  • Steam turbine actuation platforms are designed for low-pressure or high-pressure servo systems and redundancy for high reliability
  • Steam turbine valve-based actuators used by steam turbine OEMs on their turbine packages due to their high accuracy, fast response times, and long-term reliability
  • Platforms range from self-contained pump/servo systems, to electric actuation, to servo position controllers
  • These platforms are specifically designed for steam turbine applications and provide proven reliable operation
  • Steam Turbine Actuation
  • Actuation for Steam Turbine Control Valves


Pneumatic Products

  • IP Convertors

Solenoid Valves

  • Herion
  • Bushjost
  • Thomson-Maxseal

BFP Scoop Tube Actuator


Switch Gear Products


VFD Drives

Case Studies

Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS)
Industry :
Power & Control Systems

Troubleshooting & upgrading a mission-critical legacy power plant.

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  • Power & Control Systems

Power & Control Systems – Delhi


Location : New Delhi

Branch Manager : Mr. Ramgopal

Email :,

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, Ground Floor, E-47/7, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, South Delhi, New Delhi – 110020

Mobile : +91 9820295008

Phone : +91 11 40512657

Power & Control Systems – Maharashtra


Location : Mumbai

Branch Manager : R Ramgopal

Email :

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, Unit No.20-21, Building No.9 Jogani Industrial Complex, Sion, Chunabhatti, Mumbai – 400 022.

Mobile : +91 98202 95008

Phone : +91 22 24050458, +91 22 65751054

Fax : +91 22 24053859

Power & Control Systems – Chhattisgarh


Location : Raipur

Branch Manager : Mr. GowriShankar

Email :

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, D-56, Sector 5, I Floor, Devendra Nagar Raipur – 492 009.

Mobile : +91 9039944814

Phone : +91 771 2583989

Fax : +91 771 4069949

Power & Control Systems – Tamil Nadu


Location : Ambattur

Branch Manager : A.Ramasamy

Email :

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, NO 46-1, Ambattur SIDCO Industrial Estate, EB Road, 2nd Street, Ambattur, Pattaravakkam, Chennai – 600 098.

Mobile : +91-98401 88594, +91 96000 70227

Phone : +91 44 23630881, +91 44 23630882, +91 44 23630883

Fax : +91 44 23630884

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