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Power & Control Systems

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Enhancing efficiency with high-performance power & control systems.

Sicagen offers a wide range of power and control system products and services through a pan-India network. Our services include mechanical governor services, servicing of actuators, field service, Electronic governing systems and conversion of mechanical governing systems.

Woodward Authorised Facility since 1990

Sicagen Business Partner Sicagen Certificate 2020-22

Capabilities backed by trained manpower, genuine spares and a Woodward test bench to ensure quality repair and service.
Our sales and service engineers are well trained on marketing and technical aspects to provide customized solutions to customers.


Sales & Services

  • Service of Woodward Governors, Actuators and controls
  • Sale of Governors, Actuators and controls
  • Conversion of mechanical governing system to electronic governing on steam turbines and Diesel engines
  • Field service

Electrical Power System

  • Wide variety of controllers for the synchronization and load share market
  • Products with integrated protection features and communication interfaces to your SCADA (Supervisory Control Logic Control) system for complex load flows, or even protection schemes
  • Run or stop command synchronizes and ensures load share sequencing across Generator, Mains and Tie Breakers
  • SPM-D10 Series
  • SPM-D11 Series
  • SPM-D21 Series
  • SPM-A
  • DSLC-2
  • MSLC-2
  • DSLC
  • MSLC

Safety System

  • NEW IEC61508 SIL-3 certified ProTech® safety and machinery protection platform is designed to meet API specifications
  • Full blanket of protection for your equipment
  • Platform ranges from the simplex version (ProTech-SX) to a full TMR based control that also monitors up to 10 different machinery sensors/devices (ProTech TPS)
  • Security functionality is implemented to meet the markets new Cyber Security requirements

Digital Controls

  • Configurable and programmable digital steam turbine control platforms offer simplex, duplex, and TMR options that incorporate proven software and hardware
  • Largest selection of standard off-the-shelf steam turbine controllers in the market to address today’s cost pressures, without sacrificing performance or reliability
  • Controls are designed for any size industrial steam turbines and require minimum engineering time to configure to a specific application – software has been refined and proven in thousands of applications
  • Fully programmable control platforms allow turbine OEMs and channel partners to create a custom controller with site specific algorithms, logic, and protection functionality as required by the application
  • Using GAP (Graphical Application Programming) environment, control engineers are able to create the required applications utilizing proven algorithms tailored for turbine control and hardware
  • Software flexibility, along with the simulation environment (Netsim), allows users to test and evaluate a wide range of scenarios before installing the software – reducing commissioning time at site, potential for unexpected onsite changes, and safety issues


  • Hydraulic-mechanical governors provide reliable and precise control of engine speed and output in virtually every type of engine application
  • Available in work output ratings from 10.8 inch-pounds up to 500 foot-pounds
  • Used in power generation, marine, pump, compression, and vehicle applications
  • Engine
  • Mechanical Hydraulic Governors
  • Actuators
  • Engine Controls
  • Steam Turbine Mechanical Hydraulic Governors
  • Mechanical Hydraulic Governors
  • Actuators
  • Engine Controls


  • Steam turbine actuation platforms are designed for low-pressure or high-pressure servo systems and redundancy for high reliability
  • Steam turbine valve-based actuators used by steam turbine OEMs on their turbine packages due to their high accuracy, fast response times, and long-term reliability
  • Platforms range from self-contained pump/servo systems, to electric actuation, to servo position controllers
  • These platforms are specifically designed for steam turbine applications and provide proven reliable operation
  • Steam Turbine Actuation
  • Actuation for Steam Turbine Control Valves


Pneumatic Products

  • IP Convertors

Solenoid Valves

  • Herion
  • Bushjost
  • Thomson-Maxseal

BFP Scoop Tube Actuator


Switch Gear Products


VFD Drives

Case Studies
Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) Industry : Power & Control Systems

Troubleshooting & upgrading a mission-critical legacy power plant.

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  • Power & Control Systems

Power & Control Systems – Delhi


Location : New Delhi

Branch Manager : Mr. Ramgopal

Email :,

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, Ground Floor, E-47/7, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, South Delhi, New Delhi – 110020

Mobile : +91 9820295008

Phone : +91 11 40512657

Power & Control Systems – Maharashtra


Location : Mumbai

Branch Manager : R Ramgopal

Email :

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, Unit No.20-21, Building No.9 Jogani Industrial Complex, Sion, Chunabhatti, Mumbai – 400 022.

Mobile : +91 98202 95008

Phone : +91 22 24050458, +91 22 65751054

Fax : +91 22 24053859

Power & Control Systems – Chhattisgarh


Location : Raipur

Branch Manager : Mr. GowriShankar

Email :

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, D-56, Sector 5, I Floor, Devendra Nagar Raipur – 492 009.

Mobile : +91 9039944814

Phone : +91 771 2583989

Fax : +91 771 4069949

Power & Control Systems – Tamil Nadu


Location : Ambattur

Branch Manager : A.Ramasamy

Email :

Address : M/s. Sicagen India Limited, Power & Control Systems, NO 46-1, Ambattur SIDCO Industrial Estate, EB Road, 2nd Street, Ambattur, Pattaravakkam, Chennai – 600 098.

Mobile : +91-98401 88594, +91 96000 70227

Phone : +91 44 23630881, +91 44 23630882, +91 44 23630883

Fax : +91 44 23630884

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