Troubleshooting & upgrading a mission-critical legacy power plant.

About Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS)

MAPS is a nuclear power plant with fuel reprocessing and waste treatment facilities located 80 km south of Chennai. It is India’s first indigenously developed nuclear power station, with two energy production units deployed in 1983 and 1985. With three more units planned in the future, the facility currently generates 2,311 GW·h every year – enough to power nearly 3 million homes.

The Client

The Challenge

MAPS experienced a problem in one of their critical backup digital generator at their facility. Bringing this backup generator back online was a top priority. The MAPS team needed a team with the required technical expertise and experience to handle the plant’s complex and legacy equipment in order to solve the issue with urgency.

The Sicagen Solution

Sicagen’s experience working on large-scale industrial equipment gave the MAPS technical team confidence in our ability to solve the issue. We quickly rectified the problem and brought the diesel generators back online for immediate use. As a long-term solution, we offered MAPS a suitable upgrade for their legacy equipment. Our advice helped the client team realize the vulnerabilities of their infrastructure and the need to upgrade to newer, more reliable models.


MAPS facility is now planning to upgrade the existing governing system with state of the art technology. Meanwhile, the technical team and production staff are now trained to handle sudden disruptions and have implemented a fall back protocol in case of emergencies.

Key Takeaways

  • The MAPS team required an experienced and well-trained team to handle the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Sicagen helped restart the generator’s operation in record time and helped the team upgrade to better equipment to minimize such disruptions in the future.

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